“ The Running of the Dungeons” and the Final Migration!2010-06-21

Cool dungeon runnings

With DOFUS 2.0, we all have a singular opportunity, to rediscover the World of Twelve and see all its familiar sights in a new and magical light. When faced with so much change, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin, and maybe it even seems easier to stay in one place and do nothing rather than make a choice! To help you, our valorous adventurers begin your survey of this bold new world, we’re organizing a big event for all our newly-migrated servers!

Some of you might remember the competition that took place on the DOFUS 2.0 beta servers “The Great Dungeon Race.” If the rules coming up seem familiar, it’s not the acid flashbacks this time, our event is based on the same principle!

You can find out more on the forums.


Players on these servers will also be able to discover the Island of Sakai! Six terrifying new monsters, two epic new sets, and one bone-crunching new dungeon, all available for you to play today!

Few are those who have tested their strength against the might of N, and even fewer are those who have succeeded. Good luck to all the brave adventurers who try!

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The Final International/UK/NL Migration2010-06-18


Ladies and Gentlemen, Ankama is pleased to announce that we will soon arrive on a truly glorious day. The day when Rosal, Solar, Shika, and Dark Vlad will migrate to DOFUS 2.0!

That day, when all of the players of our community will discover amazing innovations in the the DOFUS interface like the DOFUS Real Estate Agents, the new Set Interface, Selection by Cell during battle, an improved chat system, and (in the future) even more! There will also be an new island and dungeon to conquer from day one. N and Sakai are waiting for your visit. All of this, plus new houses available for purchase!

What is that day, I hear you ask? Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010.

We can't wait to meet you there!

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Frigost Closed Beta Test Released!2010-06-18


When the migration schedule was paused, we made it clear that the Frigost expansion would not be released until all of our servers were migrated to DOFUS 2.0. Now, the game has been significantly improved. We have resumed the migration process, and – barring any futher interruptions –  it’s only a matter of days before that process is complete.

This means that it’s time to prepare… for the arrival of Frigost. Pulling out our winter clothes from storage is a good start, but there are even better things that we can do !

Starting today, Friday, June 18, 2010, a dedicated server for the closed Frigost beta test will be available for all Premium Dofus Members, and all Beta Key Holders! Premium Members are those who have purchased the DOFUS 2.0 Collector’s Box, and Beta Keys can be won in contests held by Ankama and our partner websites.

Those lucky players can be the first to discover the new areas and quests, as well as new monsters and dungeons of Frigost: Episode 1!

For information about accessing the beta server, please visit the forum.

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A mysterious parcel2010-06-18

Mysterious parcelA mysterious parcel arrived at the Ankama offices today. What might it contain? Why don’t share your guesses with us on the forum?

We’ll see you back here at 4:30 PM (GMT+1) on Wednesday 23rd June for the answer!

See the mysterious parcel...

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Character Pages2010-06-17

Page Perso SebsokK

Yesterday evening the beta for the Character Pages, our new website feature, was completed. Now, with great pleasure, we present them to you!

You can set your privacy options for these pages by visiting your character's page, logging in, and clicking on the "Preference & Privacy" button in the upper right corner. With this new tool you can show off your professions, stats, even your equipment and activity to your friends and guildmates, or hide them away if you feel like mercenaries are targeting you for your purse! We've created a filter that automatically hides information sensitive to high-level characters and those heavily involved in PvP, but don't hesitate to log on and configure your options any way you'd like!

We are considering several other new features for this tool, the Character Pages will not cease to amaze you!

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The Coney and the Gobball have set up home at Ankama Shop...2010-06-16


You’ve been dying to meet them, haven’t you? Nothing would make you happier than to have your very own pet Gobball…

After having poked their snouts in for the first time at Ankama Convention #5, the Coney and the Gobball from the DOFUS Pets Soft Toys range are now available on the Ankama Shop website!

Between a little Coney who’ll boost your energy from the moment you get up and a grumpy but adorable Gobball, which one will tug at your heartstrings more?

 Find all the soft toys from the DOFUS universe on the Ankama Shop website

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[Event] Chasing Impette2010-06-15

Chasing ImpetteAll her life, Impette has been the adored youngest child of the Imps clan, doted on and babied relentlessly by her horde of older brothers. Buried under the stigma of being "cute" and "adorable" like a tofu flattened by a rockslide, she wanted more than anything to destroy her family's image of her as a cuddly, helpless baby.

For some time, she's been cultivating her skills communicating with monsters. For some reason, she was able to understand them easily, and after some observation, she could make them understand her too. And now, after months of preparation, she's run away with her puppy Gilgamesh to join up with her monster friends and show Amakna (and her family) the true meaning of terror.

Her brothers are worried sick about their missing sister, and they're offering a reward for anyone who can find their sister and help them convince her to come home - by defeating her and her monster friends. However, they have some very specific conditions.

Find out about how you can win their reward on the forums!

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[Contest] Gobbowl World Cup2010-06-08

FressballThis month, the English community is having a creativity celebration. We’re commemorating your creations through two new community events that will go on throughout the month of June.

For our first contest we’re calling on the authors of the community to show us what they’ve got! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in the World Cup… of Gobbowl?

In the game of Gobbowl, two teams of three players square off against each other over a fluffy round ball in a test of strength, speed, and skill. The possibilities for human drama that can arise from this timeless situation are infinite. We’re asking you to tell us about your most exciting Gobbowl match in 500 words or less. If your story is judged to be the best, you can win a DOFUS 2.0 artbook, a DOFUS lottery card, or even the elusive and rare Flute.

Blow the whistle and get your match started right away because submissions for this contest end on June 16th! You can learn more about the contest and its prizes on the forums.

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The Curse of "N"2010-06-04


Over the last week, many of you have been assembling the pieces of the puzzle, searching for an answer. Yova Etna's premontion, John Lorke's story and arrival in Madestram port, and the sudden appearence of a small island off the cost of Frigost... What could all of this mean?

The answer can be expressed with a single letter. "N."

A powerful new force has arrived on the Island of Sakai; the Prelude of Frigost has been revealed.

Discover new monsters, equipment, and items and explore unknown territory today... if you dare!


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Land ho!2010-06-03

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